One month to go, and more bands being added!

With just one month to go until the rock n roll madness begins, Camden Rocks Festival are proud to announce the addition of another 60 acts to the lineup! Including winners of our Band Submit competition, Bad Touch, who have snapped up a slot on our main-stage over at KOKO! Thanks to everyone who got involved.

Newly announced bands include: The Bottom Line, Eva Plays Dead, Shadows Into Light, Alexis Kings, White Trash, Dead At Eleven, Those Damn Crows, H Y M N S, WITTERQUICK, Sonitus, The Garage Flowers, Tony Goff & The Broken Colours, Albert Man, The Adventures Of, White Eskimo, Veins, Duke Of Wolves, Chase the Day, Esprit D’Air, Suzie Stapleton, B R I C K S, Penny Mob, Billy Mitchell, Axel Jansson, Amy Odell, Deadcuts, Continents, FIERCE IDEAS, Tarantula, The Black Roses, False Advertising Electric Child House, Bad Touch, The Brink, Luke Burnsright Music, AGENT, Wicked Splinters, Pretty Pistol, Nine Miles South, The Idol Dead, Calista Kazuko, COPE, SONS, Vertebrae, Plastic People, Circa Never, The Baddest, Voksal, Boy from the Crowd, Longy & the Gospel Trash, Throw Me Off The Bridge, Neon Animal, GROUNDS, Go Primitive, Tenth Electric, The Dirty Mojo’s, Black Market Aftermath, The Survival Code, Waste, 7he 7ouch and Brixton Alley.